Meera’s Mittens

Meet Meera. She’s my niece.



Meera was born at the Mazankowski Heart Institute on October 26th 2018. She was born with a condition called Transposition of the Greater Arteries. At only 5 days old she had open heart surgery to correct the condition. She then spent 4 more weeks in the Stollery NICU. During her long hospital stay her parents were able to reside at the nearby Ronald McDonald House. This resource is invaluable to parents whose days are spent in hospital beside their sick children.

Today Meera is a happy and healthy little girl thanks to the dedicated doctors and nurses and the excellent care she received at the Stollery. 


Meera’s Mittens was launched as a result of Meera’s diagnosis and subsequent care. Every set of hat and mittens is hand sewn in our Cochrane store and donated throughout the year to a rotation of NICU locations.


If you’d like to help our donation efforts you can in two different ways:

1. Buy any in stock set of hat/mittens. With every set sold we donate a second set to a local NICU.

2. Click here to make a monetary donation of your choosing. We will donate bi-annually to the Ronald McDonald House to help with the costs of food and housing for parents with sick children.